Ripple is another global network offering banks and payment providers a reliable, on-demand option to source liquidity for cross-border payments. XRP is using updated blockchain technology for making transfer of currency to anyone from anywhere in seconds that made it 4th largest currency of the world with $18 billion Market Cap. ( Check Market Cap here

XRP built for enterprise for providing them the most fastest and salable digital asset, enabling real-time global payments anywhere in the world. But Now just like Bitcoin, World is showing interest in buying ripple. One of the reason of buying and holding XRP is time it take to transfer money.

Ripple has been listed on various cryptocurrency exchanges with name XRP. You can buy Ripple from exchanges available in your country but we will recommend you to buy XRP only from trusted exchanges.

You may be looking for best place where you can buy XRP coin easily without getting into any hassle.

If we are asked to tell most easiest way to buy Ripple then we says that buy Bitcoin then exchange them with XRP. So we’ve made list of exchange where you can buy Bitcoin and exchange with any cryptocurrency you want.

Where to Buy Ripple Coin ( Best Exchanges )

Zebpay App ( Only For Buying Bitcoin and also recommended for Indian )

Binance ( Recommended and it is very also easy to trade there without any verification ) ( Most Popular Exchange but it ask you for Wallet )

We have mentioned the best place for buying bitcoin and exchange them with XRP. Once you decided to buy bitcoin from listed exchange then after buying you will need to open one of exchange for Investing in ripple Coin.

If you do not know how to buy XRP & BTC then we are sharing few screenshot of our transaction so that you can learn easily.

Read : How to Buy Bitcoin ? Because You will need to apply same before buying Ripple.

So we are sharing step by step guide on How to buy ripple coin from trusted exchanges. Take your seat and get ready for buying in XRP.

How to Buy Ripple Directly with USD & BTC?

If you think that buying BTC first and then buy ripple coin is best way then go with it but if you want to buy XRP Directly with USD then we also have way for buying ripple.

There are different guide of buying ripple from different places so we are sharing each guide with you so that you can buy XRP without any hassle.

Lets start with exchange : 

How to Buy XRP on Binance ? ( No Verification Needed )

How to Buy XRP on BTCXIndia ? ( Verification is Must )

How to Buy XRP on Bitstamp ? ( Verification is Must )

How to Buy Ripple on Hitbtc ? ( No verification Needed )

How to Buy XRP on Kraken ? ( Website sometimes goes down due to server issue

How to Buy XRP on Gatehub ? ( You will surely stuck at verification step

How to Buy XRP on Binance

We are in love with Binance the way it shows every cryptocurrency real time graph in one window. Even it’s very easy way to buy and sell ripple coin there with just one click. We have been trading on Binance and almost sold thousands XRP and bought more at low.

Note : Binance and Hitbtc is only place where you do not need to verify your account. You can start trading just after signing up.

Yeah, we are sharing what you need to do to trade on Binance.

Step 1 : You will need to signup for Binance.

Step 2 : Move your cursor to Fund and click on Deposits Withdrawal.

Step 3 :Then click on deposit option ahead of Bitcoin Coin .

Step 4 : Now You will see your bitcoin address where you need to transfer your bitcoin from wallet.

Step 5 : After transferring BTC, you need to go to homepage.

Step 6 : Click on XRP/BTC pair.

Step 7 : You will moved to new window displaying price of Ripple Coin.

Step 8 : You will see Buy XRP & Sell XRP option.

Step 9 : Enter amount of XRP you want.

                              You are done 😉  See Below our Ripple 

You can check your ripple in Deposit & Withdrawals.

How to Buy Ripple on BTCXIndia ?

As name indicate, it is for Indian Buyer but we found most of buyer stuck on verification step. So it’s upto you to buy from there if you are good with BTCXIndia. One good thing about it is that you can trade in XRP/INR pair that mean you can buy ripple with INR ( Indian Currency ) after verification of your account which takes long time.

Note : We do not recommend BTCXIndia because of down time of website.

Let’s come to steps to buy XRP.

Step 1 : You will need to create an Account on BTCXIndia.

Step 2 : After that , you will have to verify your account by providing asked documents.

Note : It takes long time to verify account so you can not buy Ripple coin till your account get verified.

Step 3 : Once your account is verified then go to wallet tab and deposit money in it.

Step 4 : Now go to trade tab and get buy/sell ripple option just on front of you.

Step 5 : You need to enter volume that is amount or number of ripple coin you want at what price.

Step 6 : Once you have entered amount then click on buy/sell button.

That’s it.

How to Buy Ripple on BitStamp with USD ?

Just like BTXCIndia, You will need to first signup and verify your Bitstamp account because without verification you will not even able to do anything let along buying ripple. You can buy XRP in any pair from XRP/EUR, XRP/USD and XRP/BTC etc.

Note : This is recommended for those who want to buy XRP with USD and do not want to get into transferring Bitcoin and all that.

Reason why we do not use Bitstamp is that we do not want to stick in verification. Verification sometime takes long time because your documents gets verified by algorithm so it keep bugging you like your photo is not clear, blah blah !

Again , if you want to trade or buy ripple coin on Bitsamp. It is all your decision.

Step 1 : Open Bitstamp and signup.

Step 2 : You will get Client ID and Password on given Email ID.

Step 3 : Login to your Bitstamp account.

Step 4 : Go to verify your account.

Step 5 : Once your Bitstamp account is verified, you can buy ripple from Bistamp with USD.

How to Buy Ripple on Hitbtc ?

Yeah, we kept this at last because we want you to know that how much verification sucks our head. That is biggest reason we are use exchange where we can start trading just after creating an account over there.

And Hitbtc is where we trade other coin which we do not get on Binance. We thought that you would love this when you will not find an alternative to buy other coin as well.

Steps to buy XRP from Hitbtc :

Step 1 : As always, You will need to signup For Hitbtc.

Step 2 : After that transfer Bitcoin to bitcoin address of your Hitbtc account.

Step 3 : Double check bitcoin address because if you have entered wrong address you can lose BTC.

Step 4 : So check twice before depositing BTC in your Hitbtc account.

Step 5 : Once you deposited Bitcoin, you can start buying coin of your desire either it is Ripple or XLM.

Step 6 : You do not need to verify your account neither Hitbtc ask you to verify like BTCXIndia and Bitstamp.

Now, You are up for trading.

If you have seen that most of trading websites often ask you to verify your account by providing supporting documents. It’s good to verify account but when it take a week or month to verify account they you feel like you are late to party.

So we recommends Binance for trading where you only need to verify account when Bitcoin in your account reach 2. Until 2 BTC , You can buy and sell any listed coin on Binance.

If you really want guide to buy ripple account from Gatehub and Kraken ( Goes down and is also down at time of writing article ) then let us know below.